About Us

Max Level Studios

Our team is made up of passionate gamers who are also seasoned developers and artists with experience working with brands like Marvel, Ubisoft, and SCS.

Core Contributors

Chris Adcock - CEO

Better known as Graslo, Chris is armed with the right experience to bring any team towards success. From being a senior developer, CIO and business owner to a deep understanding of the power of marketing thanks to digital marketing courses he taught for Facebook, he deeply understands what it takes to lead a team and take the right steps toward a successful company.
His past experience in successful projects includes:
  • Marketing Director for Zeeblocks during their $21 Million NFT Sale
  • Bussines Development Lead for Flowty during their $4.5 Million Seed Round

Andres Garcia - COO

Andres counts with over 3 years of WEB 3.0 research and investment experience. For the past year, he found and lead Middleverse Studios as CEO, managing to partner with the biggest content creators and raise $150K in a pre-seed.
After a faithful encounter with Graslo, agreed to the acquisition of the studio he founded to create a more robust game development company, and has now joined Max Level Studios as COO to bring forward his vision of a world of game development free of extractive game design and more player inclusion.

Brian Thex - CTO

Brian is a Senior Game Developer and Designer with over 10 years of experience. Founder and CEO of a Game Development Studio, he has been part of Emmy-nominated teams and has hands-on experience in game development in the blockchain gaming industry.

Cesar Brazon - CBO

Cesar is a Tech Lead at dOrg and a recipient of an Ethereum Foundation Fellowship. He has more than 5 years of experience in Blockchain development. His impressive portfolio needs no introduction, having contributed to Ethereum Protocol, Opera Browser, Gnosis, DeversiFi, Aragon, Polywrap, Paraswap.

Nestor Amesty - CIO

Nestor is a Tech Lead at dOrg and core developer of Polywrap, who has more than 5 years of high-quality experience, and has contributed to The Graph, Opera Browser, DeversiFi, Aragon, Polywrap, Boardroom, DAOstack, and Tezos Homebase.



We are proud to have SoluLab as our technological partner, founded by a former VP of Goldman Sachs. One of the biggest names in blockchain development, SoluLab has partnered with big projects in the space such as AnRKey X, which broke the record sale for gaming NFT in Rarible, and created the DeFi Gaming Coalition, which is formed by key members that will spearhead the adoption of DeFi and gaming such as Polygon, Matic, Certik and much more.

Max Louis Creative

MLC is a passionate art outsourcing studio partnering with game developers to create beautiful experiences that tell a story. We have partnered with them to bring beautiful animations and meaningful art and creative support to Middleverse.

Lithex Productions

Lithex productions is an all around game development and design company, formed by senior developers armed with more than 10 years in the industry.


Otonomos assembles off-chain and on-chain entities for doers and investors in crypto, and provides legal advice and management services. Having worked with industry giants like Ethereum Foundation, Maker, 1inch, Gnosis and more, our partnership with them places Middleverse at the bleeding edge of the ecosystem.