Players can craft game items using professions. There are a number of different professions trees available. As you master each tier, you will gain more points to invest in your profession or secondary professions that offer unique synergies.
Most professions will involve using resources and other materials to craft in-game items that can be used or sold on the marketplace. As you become more specialized in your profession you may be able to craft in-demand or hard-to-find items for other players.


Works with metal to create, repair, and improve weapons and armors. Blacksmiths also forge parts for siege weapons.
Mastery: Armorsmith (expert in crafting and repairing armor), Weaponsmith (specializes in crafting and repairing weapons), Siegecraft (focuses on creating components for siege weapons and walls).


Harvests timber, prepares it for crafting, repairs wooden structures, and builds siege weapons. Carpenters are essential for constructing and maintaining a variety of wooden items and structures.
Mastery: Lumberjack (expert in harvesting and processing timber), Fletcher (specializes in crafting arrows and bows), Shipwright (focuses on designing and building ships), Siegecraft (constructs and maintains wooden components of siege weapons).


A master of crafting cloth and leather items, artisans create clothing, hats, and boots. They work with various materials to create functional and fashionable items.
Mastery: Leatherworker (expert in crafting and repairing leather items), Weaver (specializes in crafting and repairing cloth items), Tanner (skilled in preparing and treating animal hides for leatherworking).


Skilled worker who carves stone and gems, stonecutters create intricate designs and valuable items from raw materials.
Mastery: Mason (expert in shaping and assembling stones for construction, including building stone walls), Jeweler (specializes in crafting and repairing jewelry and gemstones).


Expert in plants and their properties, herbalists create potions, poisons, and other concoctions using their extensive knowledge of herbs and natural ingredients.
Mastery: Potions (expert in crafting beneficial potions), Poisons (specializes in crafting dangerous and deadly poisons).


A culinary expert who prepares and cooks food using a variety of ingredients and techniques, creating delicious and nutritious meals for people to enjoy.


Skilled laborer who extracts valuable resources such as ores, gems, and minerals from the earth, miners provide the raw materials needed for various crafting professions.


Expert in catching and harvesting aquatic creatures, fishers provide a valuable source of food and other resources from the waters surrounding their communities.
Mastery: Angler (expert in using fishing rods and techniques to catch fish), Spearfisher (specializes in using spears and other tools to catch fish), Shellfish Harvester (focuses on gathering shellfish, mollusks, and other marine resources).