RUNI is a fixed supply token that can be used to craft or buy NFT game items. Players can also use RUNI to enter into PvP tournaments.
The token has a fixed supply, which protects the economy from permanent inflation most MMOs see from their infinite supply currencies.


RUNI will have a maximum supply of 100,000,000. 50% will be distributed through game rewards. Rewards will be dynamically distributed over a 5-year distribution schedule with the following breakdown:
  • Year 1: 5 million
  • Year 2: 10 million
  • Year 3: 15 million
  • Year 4 & 5: 20 million

Rewards Pool

The Rewards Pool governs the amount of rewards able to be given out via drops and other rewards at any given time. Rewards are dynamically allocated based on the amount of tokens available for that given time period, allowing reward amounts to automatically scale up or down based on player count and activity.
A 1% marketplace fee will add additional tokens to the Rewards Pool each time a trade occurs on the marketplace. At the conclusion of the initial distribution, reward distribution will transition from the pre-determined annual token allocation numbers to a percentage of the tokens contained in the rewards pool. This will allow the pool to be self sustaining and continue to automatically scale and balance to accommodate shifts in player count or player activity.