Dread Arena

Uldor Dread Arena available on Elixir Game Launcher
The ruthless Dread King plans to unleash his undead army on the people of Uldor, but before that, they will train on you! In the Dread Arena you will face the gruesome might and relentless rage of the Dread King’s foot soldiers. Your strength, stamina, and resolve will be tested… if you are up for the challenge.

The Dread Arena

The world of Uldor is filled with many adventures and secrets for you to uncover, but to achieve ultimate glory you will have to overcome dangerous monsters that want you dead.
In the Dread Arena, you will face endless waves of undead fighters as you hone your combat skills and provide us with valuable feedback on our development. In future updates, you can hack and slash your way to the top of the leaderboard to receive exciting rewards and prizes!

Purpose of the Arena

We built the Dread Arena to allow our valued community members a chance to play a game mode early while we continue to develop toward future releases. The Dread Arena is a very small taste of what we have in store, but it allows us to get early feedback on basic movement and combat mechanics and give gamers a chance to experience some of what we have been working on thus far.
Over time we will add additional functionality and features, including more weapons and abilities, leaderboards, rewards, partner NFT rewards, sponsorships, and more!

The Future of the Arena

The first release of the Dread Arena aims to provide the community and the Uldor team a clear channel to engage, communicate and build together to smooth out bugs and receive valuable feedback. But that doesn’t mean we will stop there! Several features will be introduced in future releases that will improve the gameplay and engagement experience of the arena, and they will be separated into 3 different phases.

Phase 0 — Testing & Feedback

The first delivery will be centered around getting the first playable version to our community members and content creators for early feedback.
  • Downloadable through Elixir’s game launcher
  • Bug reporting and feedback

Phase 1 — Accounts & Rewards

This phase will be focused on increasing the engagement between our community of players and the rewards we have planned for the Dread Arena.
  • Player Accounts
  • Wallet Linking
  • Weekly Leaderboards
  • Rewards for Leaderboard Placement

Phase 2 — Gameplay Immersion & Partnerships

The last phase (for now) of the Arena will aim to improve the gameplay experience, as well as allow partners and sponsors to reward players with special prizes.
  • Gameplay Improvements
  • VFX Updates
  • UI Improvements
  • Wager Leaderboards
  • Partner Rewards & Tournaments
  • Player Level & Progression
  • Challenges

Other Notes

The Dread Arena is an early game mode and does not reflect the full experience of future game modes. Abilities are just a sample of abilities players will be able to select or train in the class system. Some assets in the Dread Arena are from 3rd party contractors or marketplaces which are placeholders for future custom assets. All the movement, combat, and other code was custom created in house by our team. We do not rely on any frameworks or 3rd party code. We have determined minimum or suggested system requirements as of yet, so player experience may vary. Future releases will be optimized to maximize support for a variety of systems.