Instead of fixed classes, players will be able to customize their character's abilities using a talent system to create their own custom class. For example, if players want to specialize in tanking (a warrior/defensive type class), they can train in tank-specific abilities such as benefits from plate armor, taunting, etc. If they wanted to have some tanking abilities but also be effective attackers, they may wish to also train in some Berserker abilities, create a type of "Battle Tank" class. The primary class abilities can be broken down into Assassin, Berserker, Warrior, Archer, and Monk.
Assassins lurk in the shadows and wait for the perfect moment to strike. They typically wear light armors to give them both agility and stealth as they sneak in for the killing blow. Assassins master in the art of deception and may use disguises, traps, and even poison to win a fight.
Berserkers are extremely aggressive and grow stronger and more threatening with each successive attack. Berserkers can become enraged to do lethal damage to their opponents. Once they start fighting, you don't want to be in their way.
Warriors fight to defend the weak. They train to withstand the toughest blows as they dawn their heavy armor and shield. Warriors support those around them by taunting the enemy and using banners or shouts to rally their comrades.
Archers hone their skills with ranged weapons. An arrow from a master archer always hits its mark.
Monks find strength from harmony with themselves. Monks train in martial arts and meditation.